The Aladayr outpost had an ideal counter in the Phoenix battleship against the Caes'cix hordes, and combined with the successful attack of the Core Special Operations squad on the nearby Caes'cix hive, the base enjoyed a short period of relative quiet.

The damage dealt to the Caes'cix fleets in the regions around the outpost was also advantageous for their eternal enemy, the Rivi'i, who quickly took advantage of the weakened state of the Caes'cix to roll into those regions with large fleets. Unlike their enemies, Rivi'i mainly deployed slow and massive combat vessels with frightening long-range offensive capabilities. Outside of the single Phoenix class battleships, the human fleets originating from the Aladayr outpost were mainly made up out of smaller ships, the largest being Akata class cruisers in various combat and support configurations. While these smaller and more agile ships had an advantage over the lumbering Rivi'i dreadnoughts, countless centuries of fighting Caes'cix had enabled the Rivi'i to perfect an ideal counter in the form of the Hammerhead destroyer.

Relative to the size of their dreadnoughts, the Hammerhead was small, but was still almost half the size of the Phoenix, and almost that of the Hiraga that would enter service much later. The Hammerhead wasn't exactly a strong or dangerous ship for its size, but it was fast, and featured a wide, curved slab of armour in front, which gave the ship its name. These destroyers would simply charge at fleets of smaller ships, hoping to crash into them. The few ships that weren't destroyed right out after being hit by a Hammerhead, were often crippled beyond use, making them easy pickings for the rest of the Rivi'i forces.

Human fleets suffered many losses before a suitable answer to the Hammerheads could be formulated. At the time, Aladayr shipyards were already working on a generic destroyer model - simply a slighly larger cruiser that sacrificed defenses for more powerful engines and plenty of firepower. The design was adjusted by shifting most of the ship's defenses toward the bow of the ship, which was extended vertically until it reached well above and below the rest of the vessel.

As not to give away the new addition to their forces, these destroyers remained with the rest of fleet, waiting for Hammerheads to start their charge. The smaller and more nimble human destroyer would relocate quicky to position itself in the path of incoming Hammerheads. The resulting collisions between these massive vessels always damaged both extensively, but in almost all encounters the human destroyers were victorious over their Rivi'i counterparts. They earned the Breaker name due to the many mangled Rivi'i wrecks these vessels left in their wake.

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