Originally designed and built by Core Special Operations, the Firewing was the 4th and final ship in their series of heavy assault fighters. Next to Venom, Cataclysm and N-3, Firewing was created with two purposes in mind. On one hand, the ship needed to be capable of performing long deep-space missions by itself and have the means to both remain undetected and defend itself when needed. At the same time, the ship had to play a specific role in tandem with the 3 other heavy assault fighters and a 4th experimental vessel with active cloaking technology. This group of 5 ships showed its power clearly when it successfully infiltrated a Caes'cix hive and attacked and defeated the hive queen, permanently removing the biggest threat to Aladayr's outpost.

The original Firewing was easily twice the size of a Nagato, putting it somewhere halfway between a fighter and cruiser in size, while also sporting some electronic warfare capabilities, a basic passive cloaking system and about as much firepower as the average destroyer. It was the most advanced ship ever built by Core, and while its many functions caused it not to excel in a single role, it proved to be an ideal vessel for long scouting missons beyond enemy lines.

Firewing had unparallelled operational range, thanks to the experimental pulse-warp drive, an improved photon rocket type system, combined with a ramscoop that allowed the ship to gather fuel from dustclouds and nebulae. Inspired by Caes'cix regenerative capabilities, a new type of armour coating was designed just for use on the Firewing. The outer hull, composed of traditional armour sheets was coated by a liquid metal that could be controlled with electrical fields. The liquid served to soften impacts but could also repair damage to the outer hull by filling up cracks and holes.

Firewing was a fantastic combination of super advanced technologies, and the time and resources involved in creating it were similar to those needed to build a small fleet of battleships. As such, only one ship was ever built. Backup and prototype systems where later combined with Ca'anian technology to create a similar vessel with a more electronic warfare oriented role. Both those vessels eventually inspired the second generation of Alpha Shipyards their installations to create smaller versions intended for mass production. The modern Firewing is in all aspects a better fighter than the Nagato, but has very little in common with the Core version, other than its looks.

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