The Guardian is one of the oldest vessels in the Ca'anian fleet, and in the countless centuries that it has been in use, the design of the ship hasn't changed much. The Guardian exclusively fills a defensive role. The ship has sacrificed most offensive and self-defense capabilities in favor multiple large, armoured shields that serve to protect other ships in the fleet.

Long range battleships such as the Tarynn'Ixia have already been designed in such a way that the ship can use most of its long-range offensive capabilities without having to expose itself all too much to enemy return fire. Smaller ships would wait between the sieging battleships until enemy forces came within their range and would be vulnerable as they don't have the same kind of defenses as the Tarynn class vessels. In those situations, multiple Guardians would be positioned between the battleships and destroyers, allowing fighters and other small ships to hide behind them. Next to the obvious advantage of keeping these ships safe until they could participate in battle, this setup also hid those ships from sight, making the fleet seem smaller and less threatening.

The addition of carriers to Ca'anian fleets did cause the Guardian to see less use in deep-space encounters, but with minor modifications it remained the ideal support ship to squads of roaming Thogrom bombers, especially in the south during the defense of the Ca'anian outposts against human attacks, where Guardian-Thogrom squads almost single-handedly decimated the Siege Engine fleets.

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