Mutating Vector


The first clue that led to the discovery of the vanished Troy carrier came with a lone Vector that suddenly appeared deep in the northern regions of the galaxy, far from where the Troy was last seen. That Vector had somehow travelled 1000s of lightyears, which was impossible for such a ship, and made all the more curious when it became clear the vessel was unmanned. The ship had clearly been in contact with Mith'ri'aeil, as evidenced by the typical purple goo on its hull. However, the ship was somehow not being damaged by the substance, which normally would eat its way through the hull and eventually would consume the entire vessel if it could not be stopped in time.

The Vector was equipped with a prototype of the AI system that was in testing and would eventually be used to pilot the Delta class fighters, and at first it was believed it was this AI that had caused the ship to resurface in human controlled space. When the Vector started exhibiting ever more stranger and stranger behaviour, it was blamed on the faulty AI up until the point where the ship started performing feats that it wasn't technically capable of, such as short-range dimensional travel.

Further research brought to light that the ship was under control of a Mith'ri'aeil specimen, or rather that the ship had become a Mith'ri'aeil creature. It was the first case of Mith'ri'aeil enslaving an object. Up until that point, humans had only witnessed Caes'cix creatures being captured and enslaved, resulting in Mith'ri'aeil-Caes'cix hybrids with capabilities vastly superior to either race. The affected Vector eventually had to be destroyed to keep it from infecting other ships or even entire bases.

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