As with the Vector, the Nagato class fighter went through many prototypes and revisions. Both ships were built because there was a desperate need for their roles, and this left little time to finetune all aspects about them before putting them into mass-production. Just like the Vector, the Nagato class fighter was built by the Alpha Shipyards corporation.

The first Nagato vessels only surpassed the Vector in raw firepower and slightly improved armour. The Vector remained faster and more agile, had longer operational range, and could be converted to other roles easily. The earliest Nagato models could only serve in a bomber role, and had to be supported by several Vectors that could provide them with fuel, ammo and served as defense against possible attackers.

While the Vector design had already reached the point where almost nothing could be improved upon it, the various Nagato upgrades that followed each other in quick succession eventually caused the ship to surpass the Vector for almost all combat-oriented roles, except for scouting missions. It became the first truly combat-specialized vessel in the human fleet. As with the Vector, the Nagato was a relatively simple design that could support different weapon configurations. The vessel could serve as bomber, assault ship, or all-round fighter.

The introduction of the Akata class support cruiser eventually caused all Vectors to be removed from deep-space patrols in the Xyth sector, as a single Akata could provide as much support to a squadron of Nagatos as a dozen Vectors could, while providing superior repairing capilities.

Once the design of the Nagato was mature enough for the ship to perform solo or in small squadrons consisting only of Nagatos, a seperate fleet was formed, whose combat pilots only flew ships of this fighter class. They called themselves the Xyth Legion (XLG) and worked alongside GoX to keep the Xyth sector safe, focusing on deep-space operations and even occasional hit-and-run attacks on distant targets.

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