During the height of the almost galaxy-spanning conflict between Ca'anian and the warring Rivi'i and Caes'cix, the Tarynn class battleship proved its worth to the badly outnumbered Ca'anian. The ships performed well in all combat situations, but both Caes'cix and Rivi'i fielded forces in rare occasions that could not be overcome by the battleships. As such there was need for an even more powerful vessel, and thus the Tanyu class was designed. Only 4 vessels were ever built, of which two still roam the galaxy : Tanyu'Lana and Tanyu'Taya, though no longer under Ca'anian command as such.

The Tanyu class was fielded against the Rivi'i fortressdreadnoughts and the Caes'cix battle queens, an evolved specimen of the formidable, yet far less dangerous hive queen. Despite seemingly impossible odds, the 4 Tanyu ships decimated their numerous opponents. Even so, by the time the Ca'anian were forced to retreat, two of the ships were lost in battle.

The Tanyu class was too large to serve as defense or patrol ship nearby the Ca'anian planets, and the few remaining deep-space outposts did not have the means of supporting the massive warships. As such, the two remaining ships were reconfigured and became science vessels, though much of their original defenses and armaments were left intact. The ships were furthermore equipped with an advanced AI, and then sent out into the depths of space without crew on an exploration mission with no clear goal. Eventually they faded from Ca'anian memory, but they remained operational nonetheless.

The ships caught the attention of the mysterious Harac, who managed to spark a basic conciousness within the AI of the vessels. Under the care of Harac, Lana and Taya became fully self-aware. These three vessels then combined their knowledge - Harac's a result of billions of years of wandering through the universe, that of the Tanyu ships comprised of all they had inherited from their Ca'anian creators merged with what they found on their centuries-long exploration of the galaxy. The result was the creation of a new generation of self aware ships, the Neyon class, consisting of three vessels : Moru, Tori and Exus.

As with the Tanyu class, while no longer strictly Ca'anian technology, the Neyon ships felt a kinship with the Ca'anian species. On several occasions, the more social members of this little fleet, namely Tanyu'Lana and Neyon'Moru sought out the Ca'anian, and eventually their closest allies, the Xyloxi and Humans to aid them in the biggest threat the galaxy had somehow managed to attract : the Mith'ri'aeil.

None of the Neyon vessels were created with warfare in mind - Tori was a scout, Moru a deep-space exploration and science vessel and Exus an experimental dimensional traveller. Even so, all of them were equipped with enough offensive and defensive capabilities to deal with the dangers of the galaxy, be it the ever-warring Caes'cix and Rivi'i, or the unpredictable Mith'ri'aeil hordes that had begun appearing all over.

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