Tarynn class


The Tarynn class battleships originated from the same period as the Guardian class cruiser. It was a time when the Ca'anian species could be found in most parts of the outer regions of the galaxy.

Their brief, but quick expansion through the galaxy put them in contact with the Caes'cix and Rivi'i species, who were already at war at that time. While the Caes'cix could be kept at bay relatively easily, the Rivi'i formed a veritable threat to the Ca'anian homeworlds, deep in the south-eastern regions of the galaxy. It was in battles that followed, against both Caes'cix and Rivi'i, that the Tarynn class came into existence. Up until that point, Ca'anian simply never had need of a large combat oriented vessel.

The Tarynn class existed in many configurations, ranging from dedicated electronic warfare platforms over standard battleships setups to all-out long-range siege vessels. Over time, the slightly more defensive battleship variant, called Ixia, became the favorite Tarynn configuration amongst Ca'anian fleet commanders. Despite many successful campaigns, where these ships played a vital role, the border regions of the Ca'anian empire fell in the hands of Caes'cix and primarily Rivi'i fleets.

The Ca'anian were forced to give up their plans of expansion and exploration and returned to the regions around their homeworlds. While they managed to keep their extensive gate network from providing service to the Caes'cix, the more resourceful Rivi'i eventually hacked into the system, allowing them to follow the retreating Ca'anian back to their homeworlds. Ca'anian forces, primarily made up of Tarynn class fleets, backed up by Guardians and Thorgrom bombers as well as 4 vessels of the experimental Tanyu superbattleship class kept their worlds safe.

To this day, the Ixia variant of the Tarynn class remains in operation and can be primarily found as the cornerstone of the fleets that guard the few remaining deep-space Ca'anian outposts.

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