The only carrier design in the human fleets has almost nothing in common with the very first carrier prototype, except for the name. The main hull remained somewhat the same, though reduced in overall size. The original carrier however, had 4 fighter bays that could be in operation simultaneously. The new design comes with only a single fighter bay and makes exclusive use of the AI controlled Delta class fighter, whereas the original vessel was loaded with Vectors and even a small squadron of Nagatos.

The design of the vessel was a collaborative effort of Aladayr's outpost near the open gate with the same name, and The Eastern Citadel (TEC), located in the outermost eastern regions of the galaxy. Both bases sat in the crossfires of the galaxy-spanning war between the Caes'cix and the Rivi'i. Both alien races greatly outclassed humans in all aspects of space warfare in the early days, and human settlements took on a purely defensive stance at first as not to draw too much attention to themselves.

Once larger shipyards were fully operational however, human fleets attempted to increase the safezone around their outposts by actively pushing the warring alien fleets out of the regions. Two vessels played a crucial role in this, one being the Troy carrier. Troy later vanished during a deep-space patrol, and it took many years before its fate, and that of its crew was discovered.

Both bases, after successfully setting up a safezone, parted ways amicably when each was capable of defending their own without outside support. The shipyards that brought forth Troy and its sister-vessel were located at TEC and remained in operation to produce a smaller carrier that was named Troy in honour of the lost ship and its crew. Aladayr's outpost's contribution to the project had been the powerful engines, and the base focussed on destroyer sized vessels from that point onwards.

As the threat of warring aliens waned, the Troy class carriers became the primary deep-space scout vessel. With the tragedy of the original Troy in mind, the carriers never travelled without a squadron of support Akatas, and the crewsize on board the vessel was drastically lowered by replacing Vectors with Delta fighters, who could be operated without pilot.

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