The Vector class is one of the oldest ship designs in the human fleet, and one of the very few that date back to Earth. Both on Earth and in Xyth, it was built by the Alpha Shipyards corporation.

While the ship's primary use was in combat situations, it was designed such that it could fill many roles, ranging from light cargo or passenger transport, over asteroid mining vessel, to cheap fighter. The Vector's design was simple, which resulted in it playing an important role as base defender during the earliest times after the human's arrival in the Xyth sector. That was also the reason why it was so popular amongst scouts and settlers - construction and repair facitilities for ships were easy to set up, and as such a fleet of Vectors could be quickly transformed from combat ship to mining vessel and back.

The group of pilots responsible for patrolling the Xyth sector, called the Guards of Xyth (GoX), exclusively flew Vectors. The small vessel gradually saw less use in combat situations as human technology evolved and larger ships, notably the Nagato, started surpassing the lithe Vector in all areas. By the time the first human carriers entered service, the brand new AI-controlled and specialized Delta class fighters kept Vectors from playing any role in deep space warfare in the outer regions of the galaxy. Only as long-range patrol and scout vessel did the Vector remain in service, and even in that role only within the GoX squadrons and rarely in the outer regions of the galaxy. Thanks to its low mass and small signature once stripped of all weapons and defenses, it had unsurpassed agility and operational range, while being hard to detect by enemies.

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