The group of pilots from the GoX and XLG fleets that fled the Xyth sector accompanied by several top engineers from Alpha Shipyards, ended up just outside the massive asteroid belt that seperated the inner regions of the galaxy from the outer. An abandoned base, tought to belong to the Rivi'i became the first deep-space human settlement and ended up being named after Aladayr, who took on the role of military overseer. From Aladayr's outpost, humans explored the outer regions of the galaxy, finding dimensional gates that led them to more abandoned bases. One of those bases became known as The Eastern Citadel (TEC), located in almost the exact east of the galaxy. Another base, far up north was turned into an outpost for the Core Special Operations, a group of experienced pilots.

Both Aladayr's and TEC's outposts were located in regions where the Caes'cix-Rivi'i war raged, and both bases had to focus on building new ships that could be brought into battle on short notice. The Core base on the other hand was spared hostilities and instead focussed on specialized high-tech ship designs. The collection of such one-off vessels played an important role in the safekeeping of the two other bases, despite their small number.

The Venom class, a support and electronic warfare hybrid that became an essential part of the defense of the trade routes between the various human settlements in later times, was based on one of the Core designs. The original idea was to combine a large fighter hull with two disruptor cannons, more commonly intended for cruisers and destroyers. The disruptor didn't damage ship hulls, but instead could overload electronic systems from a short distance, often with crippling effects on affected ships. The two major drawbacks of this weapon were its limited range and the sheer energy requirements to discharge it. Putting the weapons on larger ships solved the energy problem, but heavier ships were generally not agile and fast enough to get close to targets without getting hit. The Venom had the required agility to sneak up on unsuspecting vessels, but could only fire the weapons a few times before it had to return to a base or support Akata to recharge.

What made the Venom so successful at its task was the presence of a passive cloaking system on the ship, which surpressed and absorbed almost all possible sources of radiation within the ship, making it nearly undetectable to most sensors. The more common and massproduced version of the Venom is much smaller than the original, and comes with less powerful disruptors, but a more advanced passive cloaking system.

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