Void Diver


The Void Diver class, a relatively young design in the Ca'anian fleet, started life as a research vessel. It was a massive hunk of armour and engines that was often positioned above black holes and channelers. The reinforced structure kept the ship from disintegrating under the tidal forces of the subject of its research, while the powerful engines simply kept the ship from falling in. No other ship could get as close to black holes and channelers without sustaining damage as the Void Diver, earning the vessel its name.

The defenses of the ship were aimed at keeping the structural integrity of the ship in good health, but the ship was still vulnerable to all kinds of matter falling into black holes and black channelers, or being expelled from white channelers. Traditional armour would increase the mass of the ship beyond what the engines could handle, so the ship was equipped with an experimental defense system called Void Armour. A thin, unbroken shell of antimatter would be held in place around the ship by electromagnetic fields. Anything colliding with the shell would be instantly turned to energy, which the fields around the ship would attempt to siphon up to continue powering the antimatter armour. This shell of antimatter was obviously extremely dangerous to any other ship working in the vicinity of the Void Diver, and the fact that the vessel had to store plenty of antimatter within it to replenish its shield also attributed to the danger this vessel posed to its environment.

The inherent danger of antimatter was the main reason why the Ca'anian stripped an entire star system of its planets, so they could build their antimatter procuring facilities away from their homeworlds and in a location that didn't suffer from gravitational tides, no matter how small. The test phase of the Void Diver's new armour system occured in similar isolated fashion, far away from where any mishap could be devastating.

It was around the same time as the test were conducted, that human ships belonging to the DSE fleets stationed in the south started their attack on the Ca'anian outposts there. The situation was used to test the Void Diver class in battle, though it contributed very little as the Thogrom squads appeared sufficient to deal with the Siege Engines.

Overall, the Void Diver remained a specialized vessel that often worked behind the scenes or was used for specific missions. The Void Armour system kept it from ever being used alongside other ships in deep space operations, but those same defenses, allowing it to soak up plenty of abuse, could turn the ship into a lure that successfully disoriented enemy fleets.

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