Void Engine


DSE fleets were forced to stop their expansion into Ca'anian controlled space in the southern regions of the galaxy, they turned their gaze to the west, where they eventually ran into Rivi'i fleets. The Rivi'i presence in the south-west was known to Ca'anian, but too far for either Ca'anian or their allies to deal with. Those same regions also didn't house any Caes'cix forces, so the Rivi'i were free to expand their fleets in relative safety, and they slowly moved west.

Whether the Rivi'i were planning to chase the DSE fleets out of the southern regions of the galaxy, or whether they simply were going to power through those same regions straight towards the Ca'anian homeworlds wasn't immediatly known. In either case, Ca'anian were faced with a grand force slowly but surely coming closer. The human DSE fleets turned tail after only a few skirmishes as they learned of the true size of the Rivi'i fleets, and returned to the inner regions, where they focussed all their attention on the defense of the open gate that connected the inner regions with the outer souther ones.

Meanwhile, the Rivi'i fleets, probably unaware up until that point of the presence of humans in the south, gained momentum, reassured by the few easy victories over the humans, and started following them. In their retreat, DSE abandoned all but a few of their numerous mining installations in the south, which were in turn raided by Ca'anian forces. The biggest prize the Ca'anian raiding parties brought back home were the shipyards that had built the Siege Engine vessels.

Human technology was successfully combined with the powerful, but specialized Void Diver class to create the Void Engine. This new battleship gained the long-range damage projection capabilities that the Void Diver lacked, thanks to incorporating the massive mining lasers of the Siege Engine. The Void Armour system remained in place, but was refined, making it less of a threat to nearby allies. Even so, Void Engine squadrons operated without needing support from other vessels. The combination of extreme long-range weaponry with strong defenses turned it into a fearsome vessel. Only agile ships could avoid the lasers, but rarely carried enough weaponry to punch through the Void Armour system.

The Rivi'i fleets eventually did enter Ca'anian controlled lands, in search of DSE ships that had long since fled. The massive, slow Rivi'i vessels never stood a chance against the single Void Engine squadron. Only when the bulk of the Rivi'i fleets arrived, did the Void Engines retreat to leave the rest of the battle to the more traditional battleships.

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