4th Moon base


Humans arrived in the Xyth sector aboard the colony vessel with the name 'The 4th Moon of Xyth'. The Xyth sector contained an earth-like planet with 3 natural moons, and the colony ship was permanently reconfigured into a base in orbit around this planet.

Initially, only a fraction of the people on the base were woken from their cryogenic sleep. This first group's task was to oversee the transformation of the ship into a base and ensure its safety. Gradually more people were woken and outposts were built on the surface of the 3 moons. These earliest structures primarily served to procure ores and minerals so that the basic ship building facilities on the base could be expanded.

Once the Xyth sector was properly scouted and deemed secure, explorations of the planet itself started, which eventually became the home for most of the humans, while the base remained the center of military and industrial operations in space, as well as the seat of government.

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