The Technomancer race - a brief history

The Technomancers have always kept to themselves, making them somewhat of a mystery to all the other races in Xyth. The technology they possess is beyond the comprehension of even the brightest Ca'anian minds. As such it's not unlikely that the Technomancer race must be truly ancient, having refined their ships to near perfection over millions, if not billions, of years.

Only the Tanyu and Neyon ships, and the Xyloxi seem to have managed to communicate with the Technomancers and found out a few things about them. Just like the Tanyu and Neyon ships, Technomancer ships are fully sentient creatures. Whatever the Technomancer race originally looked like, over the millenia, these creatures fused with their ships. Every Technomancer ship is in essence a single Technomancer lifeform, composed out of multiple beings that have merged in the fusing process with the ship.

Technomancers have never been known to start hostilities, but they can defend themselves very well, often resorting to electronic warfare and disabling ships temporarily rather than destroying them, giving the involved Technomancer ships the time to vanish. Technomancers also employ holograms to confuse ship sensors by creating virtual ship signatures. Some of these holograms are projected energy pockets that can overload ship systems of potential threats, should they collide.
As of yet, none of the Ca'anian or human ships have ever managed to protect themselves against their electronic warfare. Technomancer ships seem to possess some form of technology scanner that almost instantly reveals the entire electronic structure of any ship system, allowing them to hack and disable systems at will.

Usually, Technomancers travel alone - being capable of generating all kind of electronic ghost images or overloading the sensor systems of ships, negates the need to travel with support ships. They spend most of their time exploring the galaxy, looking for new knowledge to add to what they call the Overmind. This Overmind is basically the combined knowledge of the entire species, and each individual Technomancer carries a copy of this archive with it. The archive itself possesses a basic sentience, which it aquired naturally as the amount of knowledge grew, and the ways of storing it became by necessity more complex.

A small number of different classes of Technomancers have been observed thus far, thanks to the cooperative relationship between the species and the Xyloxi. Next to a score of lower-level ships, there are two higher classes. When a new Technomancer mind fusing occurs, the resulting creature chooses a ship, and sets out on its life-long mission of aquiring new knowledge. As individual Technomancers add data to the Overmind, they essentially rise in status. At a certain threshold, the Overmind or other high-ranking Technomancers will allow a Technomancer to take on the title of Technosavant. A much higher threshold exists at which point a Technomancer becomes a Prime.
Technomancers are ruthless in their pursuit of knowledge, often remaining completely ignorant of the effects of their research and experiments on other species, which they generally see as inferior.

An uneasy truce exists between Technomancers and Xyloxi, a result primarily of the inability of the Technomancers to outsmart the Xyloxi. Technoscans have proven inefficient against organic lifeforms, but those same beings are generally of much lower capabilities and intelligence than the Technomancers, so the situation is never seen as problematic. Xyloxi however, remain a mystery to the Technomancers, and have managed to have them agree to cease all research into and experiments on Xyloxi, simply by virtue of them being more intelligent than Technomancers. As the entire Technomancer deep-space society essentially links stature with intelligence, they can't help but treat Xyloxi with respect.

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