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-====== Xyth Era I, Book I : Dragon Berserker ====== 
-A young blacksmith apprentice thinks himself alone after his town is sacked by roaming brigands. Aided by a peculiar armour, he sets out to exact revenge. In the forest where the bandits have set up camp, he finds old friends who have been banished by the kingdom. They take him in and tell him of an old danger that threatens both them and the kingdom. The young man decides to help them fight this threat. 
-This story takes place on the world of Jeorth, one of the many inhabited planets within the galaxy of Xyth,in a time similar to the middle ages on Earth.\\ 
-Genre : high fantasy.\\ 
-Pagecount : 1083 (in the pdf format) 
-This text is part of a larger story. For more info about the Xyth storyline on the wiki, [[xyth:​start|check this article]]. 
-====== Downloads ====== 
-epub format (recommended for desktops and mobile devices) : [[http://​nulll-void.com/​games/​xyth/​Xera_11_DragonBerserker.epub|click here]] (2.3 MB).\\ 
-pdf format (recommended for desktops) : [[http://​nulll-void.com/​games/​xyth/​Xera_11_DragonBerserker.pdf|click here]] (4.4 MB). 
-wallpaper based on the book cover : [[http://​nulll-void.com/​games/​xyth/​xera1_1_wp1680x1050.jpg|1680 x 1050]] -- [[http://​nulll-void.com/​games/​xyth/​xera1_1_wp1920x1080.jpg|1920 x 1080]].\\ 
-high-resolution image of the book cover : [[http://​nulll-void.com/​games/​xyth/​xera1_1_cover.jpg|click here]].\\ 
-high-resolution map of the Kingdom of Akurheim : [[http://​nulll-void.com/​games/​xyth/​xera1_1_map.jpg|click here]].