The Xyloxi race - a brief history

The Xyloxi originate from the 4th dimension. Complex structures such as life forms are extremely rare when the number of spatial dimensions goes beyond that of our well-know 3-dimensional universe, because such a change causes the laws of physics to behave differently. However, the same evolutionary mechanics that allowed life to come into existence in the 3rd dimension, eventually created the building blocks of life in at least one of the higher dimensions : the homeworld of the Xyloxi race. The increased spatial complexity of this place explains their shape.

The building blocks of the Xyloxi were crystalline structures that functioned similar to cells, but were very limited in the variations of input they could process. In larger numbers, these cells functioned similar to binary electronics. The Xyloxi did not have a central brain similar to that of any of the inhabitants of the Xyth galaxy, but instead they used their entire body to store and process information, much like a computer. On top of that, the Xyloxi learned to generate and control energy forcefields around themselves, which in turn allowed them to change their appearance. At that time, Xyloxi looked like gigantic multi-facetted crystals.

For a long time it seemed like the Xyloxi were the only lifeforms in the 4th dimension. They either explored space in search for knowledge and experience, or resided in nebulae, slowly transforming them into giant crystalline structures. To this peaceful life came an end when the Mith'ri'aeil suddenly appeared, who saw in the Xyloxi nothing more than a source of food. The Mith'ri'aeil were the complete opposite of the Xyloxi : rabid, unpredictable monsters made of a shapeless substance that absorbed almost anything it touched.

The Xyloxi's ability to change their appearance and control energy fields helped to defend themselves against the Mith'ri'aeil invasion. They used the dust of nebulae to grow large spires from their crystal bodies, which served as a source of fuel to power concentrated bursts of energy that could be aimed at enemies.

The Mith'ri'aeil kept coming in such numbers that the Xyloxi concluded they could never fight them off all by themselves. On top of that, if the Mith'ri'aeil found their way to the great crystal tree, from which all Xyloxi were grown, it might mean the end of the entire Xyloxi race.

The Xyloxi went looking for help in the 3rd dimension, changing their complex crystalline form to one that could drop down to lower dimensions. They observed the many lifeforms in the galaxy and noticed that none of them possessed technology that would allow them to travel to the 4th dimension. Eventually they learned about the gate network and the Ca'anian who had built them, but by the time they found the Ca'anian, these were no longer able to use dimensional technology. The Xyloxi did find the two patrolling Tanyu class ships, who, by then, had undergone a remarkable change and no longer were ships driven by an AI, but conscious, intelligent lifeforms. The Tanyu class ships and their mysterious mentor, whom they called Tanyu'Harac agreed to help out the Xyloxi against the Mith'ri'aeil.

When the Mith'ri'aeil met with the Tanyu class ships in battle, their otherwise primitive minds realized they were dealing with a vastly different life form. One which was dangerous, but also interesting to try to absorb or control. This led to the Mith'ri'aeil finding their way to the 3rd dimension with its many and varied inhabitants.

Ever since they first met the Ca'anian, the Xyloxi remained at their side and proved to be a reliable ally during the large wars, and especially against the Mith'ri'aeil. The Xyloxi also befriended a small group of humans. Scientists of the Core special operations group were experimenting with what they called a semi-telepathic interface, which would allow fighter pilots to control their ships by thought alone. This device had as the side effect that it could pick up the telepathic signals of the Caes'cix and Xyloxi. While the Caes'cix telepathic language was beyond comprehension, the Xyloxi were able to communicate with humans who used the telepathic interface.

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