Xyth Memory Manual

Over all available game modes, the general mechanic remains the same. There is a board of cards, face-down. Every turn, a player gets to flip two of those cards face-up. The goal of the game is to find matching cards.

The number of cards on the board depends on the level (usually shown in the top right corner of the board screen). The number of cards is 2 + 2 times the level. The highest level is 31, which results in 2 + 31 * 2 = 64 cards on the board.

For each game mode, a number of settings are available.

For single player games, the settings screen is shown below :


For multiplayer game, the settings are located at the bottom of the lobby :


Zen Mode

In Zen Mode, a solitaire mode, there is no time limit. You can play for as long as you like. Everytime you clear the board, a new board will be generated that contains two cards more than the previous board (up to a maximum of 64 cards at level 31).

On the settings screen, you can choose the starting level (1, 4, 7, 11, or 17).

Time Attack

This is another solitaire mode, but here players must try to clear the board within a certain amount of time. Creating multiple matches in a row adds 0.5 seconds per match beyond the first to the time you have left. When you clear a board, you go to the next level and any time that was left over will be carried over as well.

A Time Attack game always starts at level 1, but on the settings screen you can choose the difficulty. This affects the amount of time available to clear each level : on easy, 1.25 seconds per card, on normal 1 second per card, on hard 0.875 seconds per card.

Duel Mode

In Duel Mode you play against the computer. Each side takes turns flipping two cards. The side that has the most matches when the board is cleared, wins. In case of a draw, a new board will be generated.

You can choose the starting level in the settings screen as well as the difficulty, which affects how well the computer remembers where cards are placed.

Fleet Mode

In Fleet Mode you play against the computer and both sides take turns flipping cards. In this mode, cards have different strengths (ranging from 1 to 3), the goal is to match cards and collect a higher combined strength than the other side.

Similar to Duel mode, you can select the starting level and the difficulty.


Duel and Fleet mode are also available in multiplayer. These are similar to the single player modes with one additional rule : you have to flip a card within 20 seconds, else the game will flip a random card for you.

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